'Delaney Draws Love' Portrait Project

Delaney Draws Love is an impromptu portrait project I started on the whim of a depression spell in January 2018. One day at work, I was feeling so down, with seemingly no reason. Despite medicine, positive thoughts, exercise, and all the usual tricks, sometimes my depression still just tears down its own path.

I impulsively put a call out on Instagram for people to send me a photo of someone they love, and a note on what they love about them, and I would draw it for a $10 donation. It was something of an experiment. I wanted to see if it would help me feel better to put more art and love and truth into the world by drawing what people love.

I decided to give the experiment a deadline of Valentine Day in order to save my hand, because the project was a huge hit! Over a span of three weeks or so, I drew about 30 portraits. 

100% of donations (over $300!) were sent to a family very close and dear to me who had suffered a terrible tragedy and hardship that January.

My spirits were definitely lifted by the beautiful words people had to say about the ones they love. It's amazing how giving out love 100% increases the love you receive in return.