Process: ShopRunner Promo Postcard


This summer I worked with ShopRunner to redesign their "1 Year Free Membership" promotional postcard to reflect their rebrand. It was great working with them. They were open to any ideas I had, and were super excited when I suggested all illustration on one side.

Below you can see the sketches I sent them to choose from.


Their new brand identity revolves around the main focal point of a lightening bolt (a reference to their primary offer: 2-day free shipping) and the general slant of that bolt. The sketch they liked best and ended up choosing was one that mimicked that slant. 

Once that was decided, I got to work drawing a variety of items. I listed out a bunch that I thought would look interesting in the layout, and cross-checked them with the team to make sure people could actually buy those items from ShopRunner partner stores.


After a few rounds of color tweaking, we landed on the below design. The minimal text side presented an opportunity to bring the illustrations in again, while doubling down on the "slant" visual cue (always a plus for strengthening brand recognition!).