Recap: How I Started Live-Drawing Portraits

I met FindSpark's founder, Emily Miethner, at a networking event some years ago in New York. I kept following her company's work, and during a lunch hour a few years later, I happened to live-doodle a twitter chat that FindSpark was having. I posted the final drawing to Twitter and tagged them, thinking that was that. But not long after, they reached out to me about live-drawing attendee portraits at their upcoming networking event! I had never done a live drawing event before, and hadn’t had a ton of practice drawing portraits ever, but nevertheless I responded with an enthusiastic "yes.” #fakeittillyoumakeit

About a year after I moved to Chicago, I received an email from Emily that FindSpark was expanding there. They were having a welcome bash and wanted me to live draw portraits again. By this point, I'd been drawing portraits on the reg for dscout, so I was happy to reprise my role with some more skill and experience under my belt.

It was a really fun time and I'm so grateful to Emily and FindSpark for the opportunity!