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  How to Ace the Dreaded Whiteboard Challenge
  17 Tips the Pros Use to Master One-on-One Interviews
  The Well-Curated User Research Resource Roundup You've Been Looking For
 People Nerd profile of  David Keegan  who works with the investment app Acorns
 Hero image and spot illustrations on  capturing contextual data , for the dscout blog.
  Tagging tips from People Nerds , for dscout
 Design researcher  Yasmine Khan  on what museums can teach us about communicating research insights.
  Reading the Room  — Hero image and spot illustrations for the dscout blog.
 Hero image and blog graphics for the dscout  field report with Cristina Poindexter , founder of talk therapy app Maslo, on empathetic AI and the future of engaging with tech.
  Fighting for Research Integrity  — on navigating corporate research challenges like tight timeframes, isolation, and stakeholder influence.
  9 Research and Productivity Hacks for UX/UR Teams of One
  Advocating with Impact  — strategies for ensuring that your research insights make a lasting impact in the organization.
 Hero and blog graphics for a  dscout field report with the CBC  on Canadians’ user experience with the Winter Olympics.
  New dscout Features Make Collaborating with Your Team Easier Than Ever
  Paula Zuccotti  is the author of the book “Every Thing We Touch,” a cultural snapshot of modern life that documents every object people engaged with over a 24-hour period.
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