"Our Shared Shelf" identity

My design was selected by actress Emma Watson as the first official masthead and logo design for her feminist book club, Our Shared Shelf, in 2015. While it’s not the most polished thing I’ve ever done, the honor still holds a special place in my heart :)

OG Snapchat Filter Maker

Before personalized Snapchat geofilters were as easy to create as they are now, I offered custom-made ones for all types of events—birthdays, weddings, company marketing, etc. Here's a personal custom filter I made for my husband’s birthday a few years ago.

See other ones I’ve made here, here, and here.

Book recommendations for IRL moments

This project was a really fun one for the gang at Epic Reads (HarperCollins Children’s Books) from October 2017.

Funny, interesting content that makes you go “HA!” out loud is basically Epic Reads’ M.O. (along with all things YA books).

The assignment was to design and illustrate a series of sharable graphics that highlighted familiar, everyday life situations, accompanied by the perfect corresponding YA book. The ER team picked the moments, the books, and wrote the copy. I drew the scenarios and designed the cards. I had never illustrated a maxi pad or roll of toilet paper before this project. I’m really glad I finally got the chance.

Below are some of my favorite images from the series. You can view all of them here!

Holiday Coloring Pages for Artisan Talent

In December of 2016, Artisan Talent Chicago commissioned me to create some holiday-themed coloring pages for a pop-up coloring booth at their annual Holiday Bazaar. Talk about a fun way to spend a few hours: running a coloring station and drinking cider while surrounded by inspiring crafters and artisans, all while bopping along to some holiday tunes [all the heart eye emojis]!

Delaney Draws Love portrait project

Delaney Draws Love is an impromptu portrait project I started on the whim of a depression spell in January 2018. One day at work, I was feeling so down, with seemingly no reason. Despite medicine, positive thoughts, exercise, and all the usual tricks, sometimes my depression still just tears down its own path.

I impulsively put a call out on Instagram for people to send me a photo of someone they love, and a note on what they love about them, and I would draw it for a $10 donation. It was something of an experiment. I wanted to see if it would help me feel better to put more art and love and truth into the world by drawing what people love.

I decided to give the experiment a deadline of Valentine Day in order to save my hand, because the project was a huge hit! Over a span of three weeks or so, I drew about 30 portraits. 

100% of donations (over $300!) were sent to a family very close and dear to me who had suffered a terrible tragedy and hardship that January.

My spirits were definitely lifted by the beautiful words people had to say about the ones they love. It's amazing how giving out love 100% increases the love you receive in return.

Live drawing portraits for FindSpark

I met FindSpark's founder, Emily Miethner, at a networking event some years ago in New York. I kept following her company's work, and during a lunch hour a few years later, I happened to live doodle a twitter chat that FindSpark was having. I posted the final drawing to twitter and tagged them, of course, and thought that was that. But not long after, they reached out to me about live drawing people's portraits at an upcoming networking event! I had never done a live drawing event before, and barely had any practice drawing portraits ever. I responded with an enthusiastic "yes" anyway. #fakeittillyoumakeit

About a year after I moved to Chicago, I received an email from Emily that FindSpark was expanding there! They were having a welcome bash and wanted me to live draw portraits again. By this point, I'd been drawing portraits on the reg for dscout, so I was happy to reprise my role with some more skill and experience under my belt.

It was a really fun time and I'm so grateful to Emily and FindSpark for the opportunity!